1. Perhaps art is remains the same and it is only the actors and media that change; it may also be true that one spends one life seeking the same piece among all works of art.  I am concerned with representation, the fundamental problem of the arts and common to philosophy. I have named my assemblies of objects and MP4s “videobjects”, video installations that present objects and actions recorded with them, turning memory into record and at the same time into a palpable document. Paradoxically, they are documents that negate themselves, that deconstruct the event to which they are witnesses; they are anti-monuments of history, “anti-statues”; they question the desecrating construction of nationalism and identity, the Homeland and its heroes without glory, memory or tombstone,as well asits heroes [who have been] transformed into superheroes, deformed, aggrandized by the projections of the present towards the past, that morbid need of the present to justify itself by building “a past adorned with all of its plumes” (Carlos Martínez Rivas). Culture, Art and Reality are, in great part, a mental construct, moulded and perverted by power and domination.

2. Once technical aspects have been overcome, a dwelling becomes architecture, the only art with a practical or functional sense (as per what is conventionally understood to be art and functionality). The space revealed by light is the immaterial material of architecture, a sacred geometry, for which latitude must be its other great determinant, given the environmental factors and the social configurations in which it [architecture] is produced. One must speak of an architecture of resistancethat employs a morereflective vision of place, especially in the face of the crude and fashionista alienation of global neoliberalism and the common tendency in the peripheries of imitating forms, postures and gestures without assimilation [of the concepts], and seeking to adopt a style or a “culture”, that ends up being no more than a prosthetic limb attached to we really are.

3. I am interested in forms that do not lose their beauty through time, or across cultures or societies resulting from diverse values and experiences. I refer to a universal language that in its monumental simplicity brings out passion in us all.

4. Managua is like a living ruin, at once harmonious and at odds with war, earthquakes, dictatorships, never-ending and hereditary corruption and meddling interventions. [It is] a precarious and class-based space of urban contradictions, a non-city with no plans or vision. “The city of walls” in contrast with Alejo Carpentier’s “city of columns”, a sort of inhabited modern, tropical ruin, three times reconstructed on its same foundations in a little more one hundred years of existence. / Post it City / City without memory / This is my space and this is my story. A throng of people in a laboratory of a million and a half of connected experiences. Because we are the city we inhabit. / OMM_Managua Metropolitan Observatory / Mall_/ Call Center_/ Taiwanese-Korean sweatshop_/ Airport for MiG fighter jets_/ Oriental Market_/ Pharaoh’s Casino_/ ALBA gas station_/ the Evangelical church_/ Mosque_/Barrio Hugo Chávez_/ Christ the King traffic circle_/ small-scale drug trafficking_/ Price Smart_/ walled neighbourhoods_/ “…the enigma is that it continues to exist and to produce despite its almost complete lack of the infrastructures, systems, organizations and installations that define the word city in the planning methodology used in the West” (Mutations).

5.  “Tupi, or not tupi, that is the question.”

6. I believe in the power of words and their legitimacy, despite the fact that they are swept aside, worn away and belittled through repeated promotional presence, serial usage and auctioning off in today’s mass communication. Words are symbols, a secret form of representation in the world, objects or concepts external even to language itself. “God gave us the best / hidden words / the Devil gave us those that are unnecessary” (Carlos Martínez Rivas).

7. I do not consider myself a moralist or a supporter of any type of activism, including political activism, and I detest the pose of the “artist” and the word “contemporary”. All art is its time was contemporary if was truly anything… I also do not care what name is given to what I do.

8. I believe in the human condition and technology.